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Why do they make baby undershirts with that little flap? Is it absolutely necessary? My friend's daughter is 2 and she still has them on hers. What the heck are they for? The surely don't hold urine when a diaper has overflowed...

Hospital kiss

Oy Vey

So I went out with my neighbor to give a stranger a good night out since she was having a bad day. I knew I had to get up early so I took half of 5 hour energy just to stay awake a little. I must have taken too much because I didn't go to sleep until after 5 am.  Good thing my sister left her Wii.

Alarm goes off at 645am. Couldn't really sleep cuz my mind is still running but I have to get to work. On the way there I take half of another 5 hour drink cuz I wouldn't get off until 2pm.

Only there's nobody in the theatre.

Turns out an email was sent out yesterday AFTER I checked my mail, canceling today's work call.

Fricken great.

Good thing I didn't take the bus!

Question is: am I gonna be able to go back to sleep?
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The Problem with Theatre

The Problem with theatre is when it's rehearsal time and you have nothing to do but sit there cuz you're on stage crew. Sneaking out to the computer lab helps but what you really want to do is go home or take a nap. Your sinus headache isn't helping and you're running low on food. Next time, pack an extra sandwich. And a DS.
Hospital kiss

I dropped my Maglight

In the toilet. Twice.
And it still works!!

One day I'll learn not to put things in my back pocket...

In other sad news, I've been waiting an hour for my father to pick me up.
Me needs a car. And the money to pay for it. And insurance. Let's not forget that...
Hospital kiss

Some People Just Need to Grow Up

There are a lot of men in the theatre tech world. It's not my fault that half of them are attracted to me. I have been accused of being a flirt, but I'm not: I'm just being polite! Anyway, this one guy must've told one of our younger co-workers today, who proceeded to ask "in general" later on, "Who in the theatre would you marry?"  This is after he's telling me that one of the guys like me and kinda wishes he didn't have a fiance.

Now, we're all 18+ in there, why does this guy have to be so immature and embarrass this guy? He did this last year with somebody else who likes me. Why does he find it entertaining? Why the hell is it so damn funny?

Anybody mentioning any kind of attraction to me makes me uncomfortable. If I weren't such a quiet person, I'd have told him off. It would serve him right to be embarrassed in front of the same person he was trying to embarrass.

Some people just need to grow up.
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I swear if it's not one thing, it's another...

Ok, so after one week of drama everything was fine. Getting back into the swing of things, going back to work, getting things ready for a conference in Feb, watching the city get dressed for the inaugural (which is kinda cool. Last I saw, they're gonna need a lot more porta potties, now what I mean?) yada yada yada. This last week was totally cool. This weekend? Totally different.

For one thing, it's cold as shabooki. It rarely gets below 30 degrees here but a couple days ago it was 12 degrees. 12. Not normal for this area. it got so cold that the pipes froze and we only had running water in one bathroom. By Saturday, that was gone completely. Couldn't even flush the toilet! Craziness!

Well the water came back on this morning. I was excited. I just new I was gonna take a bath this morning. WRONG!!! Cuz around 5 am I discovered the broken pipe that poured into the kitchen. The pipe that we can't get to because it's in the fricken wall. It took us 10 minutes to find the water main!

It's a good thing we bought all that water last night...

No one showed up for service today so I'm on my way back to bed for some much needed Zs.
Oh, and I spilled hot coffee on my lap. And it wasn't even my coffee!! lol
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Today an Asian man touched my feet...

...but that's just because I was getting my nails done, something I have never done in the 25 years of my life on this planet. Yes, I said 'this planet". Don't you know I'm from Mars? I wish I was from Krypton. Kryptonians are cooler.

Anyway, it was my first time. I stayed out of nail salons because I couldn't  stand the smell of whatever chemical that is that they use. Haven't been able to since I was a wee little babe and mom did nails in the house. But apparently guys like it when your feet and fingers look nice. Who knew? *shrug*

I let J talk me into it. He got his done too. Friends are awesome.